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Ammunition for weapons can be found scattered around the map both in ammunition boxes and ammunition containers. You can also find amunition on defeated hunters.

Ammunition Types[edit | edit source]

Ammunition Compact Long Medium Shotgun Special Special (others)
Ammo compact.png Ammo long.png Ammo medium.png Ammo shotgun.png Ammo special.png Ammo special.png
Icon Ammo icon compact.png Ammo icon long.png Ammo icon medium.png Ammo icon shotgun.png Ammo icon special.png Ammo icon cbolt.pngAmmo icon bolt.png
Travel Speed 375 m/s 800 m/s 500 m/s 450 m/s 610 m/s N/A
Damage Low High Moderate Very High Very High N/A
Penetration Low Strong Moderate Low Very Strong N/A
Range Medium Long Medium Limited Medium N/A
Weapons that use this ammunition

Ammunition statistics[edit | edit source]

Damage falloff chart
Penetration falloff chart

Different ammunition have different damage falloff and penetration falloff. Also each ammunition have different bullet speed and maximum range.

Ammo type Speed (m/s) Max Distance (m)
Compact 375 300
Medium 500 300
Long 800 300
Shotgun 450 45
Special 610 280

Ammunition boxes[edit | edit source]

Throughout the map boxes with ammunition can be found. They contain 4 types of ammunition (all except special). Each box can be used by any hunter only once, and twice in total (i.e. two different hunters may use given ammunition box).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Update 6.0 introduced the possibility to loot crossbow bolts from special ammo packets