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Armored is an enemy in Hunt: Showdown.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • The armored has 2 pursuit modes, one where it stalks at walking speed and one where it charges as fast as the player can run, keep in mind that usually you will allready be exhausted and therefore slower than the armored. To avoid the latter, keep your distance.
  • The armored will take several shots to the head, instead causing it's shoulder padding to be detached, it is also very resistant to body shots. I suspect it has, as the name suggests, high armor attributes against firearms. Due to their most often loud gunfire and the low damage against the armored it is not recommended to use Guns of any sort.
  • Using any form of fire will cause the armored to die within a matter of seconds. Lanterns are especially suited to kill them
  • Armored deal an incredible amount of melee damage. It can get staggered by melee attacks. if attacked normally the armored will at least get one hit on you, therefore we recommend taking a knife. 5 charged knife attacks will kill the Armored, to regain enough stamina we recommend walking away from the Armored while he is staggered to regain stamina for the 4th hit. If you are not fully comfortable with it try it with a buddy or the Determination Trait.
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner Bayonet, Mosin Nagant M1891 Bayonet and axe all take 4(changed! mosin still takes 3) hits to down the Armored, leaving no need to regenerate stamina between hits, due to their sometimes high charge time it is recommended to walk back from the Armored while charging, the hammer will need 3 hits.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Armored is a common monster that a Hunter will encounter while out in the swamps. They can easily be defined from other zombies by the plates of metal that are stuck onto their body. This armor provides them a strong resistance against most, if not all, kinds of kinetic weaponry. While pistols, rifles, and shotguns may not show any sign of killing the monster, melee weapons (such as knives & hammers,) do the trick well enough. In the unfortunate circumstance that a Hunter is caught off guard by one of these macabre creatures, they face nothing more than a brutal fate at the hands of the armored monster. However, with a sharp focus, and a strong determination, a Hunter of any skill can cut one of these beasts down.

An Armored, and its true whereabouts, are rather enigmatic. There's little to no answers pertaining to where exactly the Armored come from. Only speculation, in the form of rumours and myths, has managed to pass from mouth to ear. Otherwise, they simply remain as nothing more than an obstacle to the Hunters and their hallowed Hunt.

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