Blank Fire Decoys

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Blank Fire Decoys
Blank Fire Decoys.png
Bloodline Rank
Heavy Melee

Blank Fire Decoys is a tool in Hunt: Showdown.

Description[edit | edit source]

A Decoy that imitates the sound of a gunshot on impact. Useful to distract and confuse enemies.

Notable interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Decoys can be used to redirect AI. This can be helpful to either clear path the AI is patrolling, allowing you to sneak up on AI from behind for a melee kill (usually used on Grunts) or to lead AI towards an enemy player nearby.
  • Decoys are capable of triggering crows, which can be used to mislead enemy players on your direction of approach.
  • Decoys are capable igniting red and yellow barrels, causing them to explode after a short delay. Especially usefully against Armored Zombies, Hellhounds and Hives, as they will be drawn towards the exploding barrel when in earshot of the decoy.
  • Decoys are also capable of destroying lamps that are scattered around the map,thus they can be used to easily clear dog/chicken cages without creating a loud sound

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This item was added to Hunt: Showdown in update 2.2.