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Book of Monsters is a lore book in Hunt: Showdown.

Slowly, things fell apart. People fled their homes and holed up in what safe spaces they could, barricading themselves against the horrors outside. The creatures battered themselves against the thinly paneled walls, raking bloody fingernails across the boards as they felt their way through the darkness and toward their next meal.

Table of Contents:

Water Devil


There are a variety of monsters in Hunt: Showdown. They can be split in two categories: regular monsters and boss monsters.

Types of monsters[edit | edit source]

Boss monsters[edit | edit source]

Those monsters are the one being hunted. One of them or both have settled on the map in their lairs. They leave behind clues that allow hunters to narrow down location of said lair. Finding them, killing, banishing and extracting with their bounties are the primary objective of the Hunt.

  • Spider - An arachnid form with long, hairy legs. It appears to be tangled in a web. I cannot see in the darkness if it is dead or alive. Souls are to be to collected. Bodies are to be worn; to be joined.
  • Butcher - A deformed animal head of some kind. I can see flesh and teeth and a tortured eye. Mother of mothers. Quell the fire of the butcher’s hook.
  • Assassin - A tall humanoid figure who seemingly melt into a swarm of insects.

Regular monsters[edit | edit source]

Those monsters spawn all around the map. Besides granting experience on kill and serving as a distraction at this point of development they don't have any other specific mechanic connected to them. Once killed, they will not respawn again; hence, if you walk through a compound and see no monsters there, other hunters have already cleared it. (Except water Devils. Which will respawn after 10 seconds.)

  • Infected
    • Grunt - Standard enemies, can additonally sometimes carry torches to set you on fire or cleavers to make you bleed.
  • Marked
    • Armored - A strong and powerful monster that isn't to be messed with, a few hits and you're down. Shooting in his legs will slow him down.
    • Hive - Scognamillio thinks it feels like an evolution of a simple form; in this case a person possessed by some kind of insect spirit eventually turning the body into a hive itself. Harold Black's book includes pieces of a hunter's diary describing this thing. Watch out for bees!
    • Immolator - A tormented soul that remains dormant until irritated by hunter. Bursts into flames setting everything around ablaze and leaving fire trail
    • Meathead - He calls them souls farmers, I think. Paxton's journal has an entry about a thing simply called Meathead. It must be the same creature. Terrifying thing... A headless and massive, almost bloated, humanoid monster with leaches for hair. The stuff of nightmares.
    • Leech - Can be found around Meathead
  • Pack
    • Hellhound - Nasty hounds that maul their targets, make sure to shoot them in the head and be careful when you're fighting a pack.
    • Water Devil - A swarm of around 150 worm-like creatures that dwells in waters. They move fast and kill fast tearing their victim appart and causing bleeding.

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