LeMat Mark II Revolver

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LeMat Mark II Revolver
LeMat Mark II Revolver.png
Unlock Condition
Rank 46
Effective Range
Rate of Fire
Reload Speed
Muzzle Velocity
Melee Damage
Heavy Melee Damage
Compact / Shotgun
Ammo icon compact.png Ammo icon shotgun.png
Ammo compact.png Ammo shotgun.png
Melee Damage type
blunt Melee blunt icon.png
Heavy melee
blunt Hmelee blunt icon.png

LeMat Mark II is a small weapon in Hunt:Showdown

Description[edit | edit source]

Infamous icon of the Confederacy, this updated model takes nine cartridges in its cylinder. Its second barrel delivers a shotgun blast up close.
This weapon can be dual wielded.

Informations[edit | edit source]

  • Fanning - Faster rate-of-fire when using single-action pistols.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Book of Weapons[edit | edit source]


LeMat Mark 11 LEMAT MARK 11. (see also, REVOLVERS, UNIQUE WEAPONS) The LeMat Mark 11 is the cutting-edge reproduction of one of the most iconic arms of the Civil War. The original LeMat was a cap-and-ball revolver invented by Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans, which in addition to nine chambers, also featured a secondary 20-gauge, smooth-bore barrel. This was capable of firing a shotgun shell. While only a few of these were ever produced, they became iconic weapons of senior officers of the Confederate States of America during the US Civil War. The weapon had to be produced in Europe, and daredevil blockade runners came to fame bringing the weapon to the South. The Mark II made an important development, the integration of a cartridge firing system, bringing the hand gun up to modern standards. Even so, the changes were not enough to encourage formal military adoption. The revolvers were somewhat unreliable under heavy usage, and unable to stand up to too arduous conditions. Consequently, the Mark II remained a revolver which denoted a certain status and infamous reputation.

Mastery 1

Unpublished manuscript, "Bad As They Seem "

Author: Hayden Collins


Bleached paper, typewritten, 8.5x11 in


"What do you care about the fate of these twins?"

"I have sent enough people to their grave this week."

"And you'll send two more." Lynch paused to examine a copper paperweight on Huffington's desk. "But they will return. You will call them in the name of the AHA, and you will send them to the Butcher's House, to his Cold House."

Huffington raised an eyebrow. That place was the stuff of myth, not maps. But he said nothing. Lynch continued.

"You will explain to them that your medical experiments have led you to the conclusion that you have been informed as to the location of a weapon that might end this. And you will send them to The Butcher's House. I will advise them on the rest."

Huffington nodded briskly, clearly opposed, yet clearly bound to fulfill her request.

"And you will do it now. They're waiting outside."

For the first time, Huffington looked surprised. Lynch knocked on the door twice before opening it to two young women - surely not yet 20! - dressed as men for the field and heavily armed. One wore her hair tied back with a string, the other's scalp was - in part - crowned by a sheath of what looked like scales. Huffington wondered at the sight as they introduced themselves, forcing his face into a grimacing smile as he repeated the words he'd been fed.

Mastery 2

Unpublished manuscript, "Bad As They Seem "

Author: Hayden Collins


Bleached paper, typewritten, 8.5x11 in


Lynch sent the twins on to the smithy to prepare their weapons, staying to observe Huffington's examination of a new recruit. A nurse led the patient into the office. She was a slight woman of 25, clearly marked by the pox, and brought to the asylum by her own mother.

"Name." Huffington's tone was brusque and unfriendly.

"Nellie Crown. "

"What ails you Miss Crown?"

"Nothing ails me but my ill-tempered mother! I've my very own Angel, Doctor, I couldn't be better."

"Tell me about the Angel Nellie," Huffington said as he took her pulse. "What does it look like?"

"Don't see it, feel it. Angel's right there, Doctor Sir. Right there," she pointed to her rib cage. "And here," she said, pointing to her lower abdomen, lowering her voice to a whisper, "Here is where the snake lives. He's quiet now, all quiet. Shhh shh shh. Let's not wake him, doctor."

Huffington opened his mouth to speak, but Lynch interrupted him. "Nellie do the Angel and the Snake speak to you?"

"Not like you and I speak, no. Get the feeling thoughts come into my head, just from nothing, get the feeling those thoughts come from here." She looked back to the places she had pointed.

"Nellie," Lynch said, her voice sweet and rotten, her eyes on Nellie's, unwavering. "Would you mind telling me what the Angel tells you now?" And as she ended the sentence she drew a jagged blade and ran it across Huffington's throat. The cry that had started in his throat turned into a wet choking sound as he grasped at the wound, hands red with blood.

"Oh it's very pleased ma'am, very pleased," Nellie replied, cheerful as a daisy. "The Snake doesn't like it much, but I've learned not to listen to the treacherous thing. Are you a doctor, ma'am?"

"As for the first, I'm glad to hear it. As for the second, no." Lynch cleaned her blade on Huffington's jacket, stepping across his convulsing body. "Now, if you would care to join me, I'd like to discuss your future employment." And as Huffington took his final breath, Lynch led Nellie from the room.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The weapon was added in Update 6.0
  • It is based on LeMat Revolver
  • The real version of the LeMat uses percussion caps and shoots ball rather than cartridges like in the game. The 20 gauge shotgun barrel also utilizes cap and shot rather than the brass shotgun shell. The real version of the gun doesn't break open, either.