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Revolver firing mechanism

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Video presenting how single action and double action works

There are two revolver firing mechanisms in Hunt: Showdown - single action and double action.

Single action[edit | edit source]

Single action mechanism, just as the name says performs only one action when trigger is pulled - releases the hammer to fire the round. Cocking the hammer is a separate action that must be performed manually, which negatively affects the rate of fire. Cocking also turns the cylinder preparing the next round.

Fanning trait works only with single action revolvers.

List of single action revolvers[edit | edit source]

Double action[edit | edit source]

Double action mechanism performs two actions when the trigger is pulled - firstly it cocks the hammer and then releases it to fire the round. This positively affects the rate of fire.

In this mechanism cylinder rotation is bound to trigger pull, which makes fanning impossible.

List of double action revolvers[edit | edit source]

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