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Tips are presented on the loading screen before the hunt starts

Tips screens[edit | edit source]

Bounty Hunt tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Armored is vulnerable to fire, but not much else. It can take a lot of damage from standard weapons.
  • Take out Hives from far away. Their swarms will otherwise poison you, dealing hefty damage and disorienting you.
  • Poison damage halts your Health regeneration until you are no longer poisoned.
  • The contracts available will be shaken up from time to time. Keep checking back in for different types of missions.
  • The Meathead is blind and will only react to noise.
  • Bleeding will persist until you stop it, or are downed. Consider the latter as an effective strategy.
  • After you banished your target, make sure to retrieve your reward token from the corpse
  • Each mission type provides information upfront about the target(s) and bounty reward
  • The matchmaking system will try to make sure equally experienced players are playing together
  • The Butcher is immune to fire damage, but weak against rending damage. Keep this in mind while taking him on.
  • Some weapons, like Dolch 96 will reload faster by using striper clips, if the magazine is fully emptied.
  • The Hive is a walking nest carrying a colony of toxic insects. Be careful, as they'll attack any threats within range.
  • The Water Devil is a dangerous creature that lurks in rivers and lakes and is attracted to noise. Keep an eye out not to draw its attention when crossing water.
  • Water Devils have their preferred lurking spots. After a Water Devil has been killed, it does not take long until another one takes its place.
  • On detonation, the Concertina Bomb will unfurl a thicket of Razor Wire. This can block off corridors and entrances, entangling friend and foe alike.
  • You can see nearby Hunters in Dark Sight while you are carrying bounty. However, this power only lasts for a short time!
  • You can sell every piece of equipment in the store for a fraction of the original price.
  • To become an effective sniper, consider adding more traits that specialize on aiming improvements.
  • A banishing ritual is broadcasted to all players. You can see the exact location on the map and in Dark Sight.
  • Many of the enemies you encounter carry makeshift weapons like torches and blades. Prioritize those over the rest.
  • Heal your partner using a Vitality Shot or a First Aid Kit. Remember, what goes around comes around.
  • Try avoiding the Meathead's Leeches. Their bite causes poison damage.
  • Health can be restored by using a Vitality Shot, a First Aid Kit or a Health Station. Still, it's always best practice to avoid losing health.
  • The Hinters you can recruit are selected randomly. They come packing their own gear, giving you a chance to play with items your Bloodline hasn't yet unlocked.
  • A weapon's size determines the equipment slot it can be assigned to. If you assign a medium or small weapon to your primary slot you can can asign another medium or small weapon to your secondary slot.
  • You can loot the body of fallen enemy players. This way you can replenish your supply of ammo or consumables providing you have the space for it.
  • You can extinguish fire by standing in deep water.
  • Hunters are ready to recruit in three different tiers. Naturally, the higher your Bloodline rank, the higher tier of Hunter you have access to.
  • After you banished your target, make sure to retrieve your reward token from the corpse.

Quickplay tips[edit | edit source]