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Tools are type of items that, next to Consumables each hunter carries in order to help them on their mission. In contrary to consumables they restock for free should you extract safely. Each hunter can carry up to 3 tools by default. This number can be increased by one if Frontiersman is equipped.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tools table
Tool Category Cost Unlock Condition Description Additionnal stats
Alert Trip Mines.png Alert trip Mine Deception 60 Use any 'Deception' Item 15 times This Portable tripwire Mine releases firecrackers and a small flare, alerting others to its location. Comes in a pack of four Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Blank Fire Decoys.png Blank Fire Decoys Deception 45 Use any 'Deception' Item 25 times A decoy that imitates the sound of a gunshot on impact. Useful to distract and confuse enemies Effective Range 20m
Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Concertina Trip Mines.png Concertina Trip Mine Tactical Gadgets 90 Reach Rank 40 This portable tripwire mine deploys a small concertina bundle perfect for blocking doors and windows. Comes in a pack of two. Damage 10 Effective Range 2m
Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Decoys.png Decoys Deception 6 Reach Rank 32 A bag of scrap metal and glass. When thrown the noise can be effectively used to distract or divert enemies. Effective Range 20m
Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Dusters.png Dusters Dusters 15 Reach Rank 20 A row of metal rings worn on the hand in order to increase the damage caused in hand-to-hand combat. Handling 71%
Melee 31 Heavy Melee 67
Electric Lamp.png Electric Lamp Light 5 Reach Rank 1 A battery powered light worn on the shoulder. Increases visibility and can be used to blind nearby enemies during night Melee 31 Heavy Melee 67
First Aid Kit.png First Aid Kit First Aid Kit 30 Reach Rank 1 A bag of medical supplies that heal 50 HP and also stop bleeding. Can be used three times Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Flare Pistol.png Flare Pistol Light 36 Earn 500XP with any 'Light' Item A small pistol for firing flares into the air, illuminating the area. Can ignite flammable materials. Effective Range 35m Damage 10
Rate of Fire 25rpm Handing 53%
Reload Speed 5s Muzzle Velocity 75m/s
Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Fusees.png Fusees Light 10 Extract 2 times with any Item from 'Light' Pack of three handheld railroad flares used for illuminating dark areas and for signalling. Can ignite flammable materials. Effect Duration 300s
Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Knife.png Knife Knife 20 Reach Rank 1 An all-purpose tool and melee weapon that has saved many lives - and taken just as many. Handling 57%
Melee 52 Heavy Melee 105
Quad Derringer.png Quad Derringer Quad Derringer Pistol 30 Reach Rank 66 A small, light pistol that is easy to carry and conceal. Holds four shot. Twelve aditional rounds carried. Damage 50 Effective Range 26m
Rate of Fire 130rpm Handling 59%
Reload Speed 3s
Melee 13 Heavy Melee 31
Spyglass.png Spyglass Spyglass 8 Reach Rank 24 A monocular optical instrument for seeing things far away as if they were nearby. Melee 13 Heavy Melee 27
Throwing Knives.png Throwing Knives Knife 40 Earn 2500XP with any Knife variant Silent, but short ranged projectile weapon. Thrown knives can be retrieved and re-used. Damage 130 Effective Range 20m
Rate of Fire 30rpm Handling 66%
Reload Speed 0s Muzzle Velocity 35m/s
Melee 22 Heavy Melee 52

†: Medkit can be used on yourself or your partner. To use on partner aim at him while standing next to him and use as you would use on yourself

‡: Can also be used to set enemies on fire