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Update 2.2

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Update 2.2 was released 6th of August 2018.

Version: v0.353
SteambuildID: 3003414
Client patch size: 684 MB

Highlights[edit | edit source]

  • Accolades in Summary Screen - Visual changes made to the after game summary screen when receiving rewards.
  • New weapons, consumables, traits and tool:
    • 3 new weapon variants - Nagant 1895 Officer, Explosive Crossbow, Winfield M1873 Aperture
    • 3 new consumables - Sticky Bomb, Chaos Bomb, Hellfire Bomb
    • 4 new traits - Pitcher, Conduit, Gater Legs, Decoy Supply
    • New tool - Blankfire Decoys
  • Hunter looting improvement – Players can now acquire money or replenish tools from dead Hunters
  • Audio improvements – We have made some improvements in relation to the sounds of explosions, throwing consumables, and the menu countdown.
  • Turkish localization - With this update we are adding Turkish localization to the game. We will be adding additional localization and regions to accommodate as many Hunters as possible in future updates.

Mission Summary

  • Mission results and rewards are now visualized by graphical accolades.
  • Accolades are divided into various categories showing individual events from your last match.
  • The accolades have different adaptations to show how triumphant you were, this is indicated by a grey, bronze, silver or gold border.
  • The Accolades with the highest rating are presented among a "Top 5" list.
  • A button allows switching between Mission Details and Hunter / Bloodline Details.

New Equipment

With this update we are adding a variety of new explosive consumables as well as some new tools to help distract your enemies. We are also adding new weapons and traits to your arsenal, giving you more options to compliment your preferred play-style.

  • Nagant M1895 Officer – Double action revolver variant with faster rate of fire, but lower accuracy which fits into a small weapon slot.
  • Explosive Crossbow – Crossbow variation that uses explosive bolts that trigger on impact. Fired bolts cannot be retrieved (similar to the poison bolt).
  • Winfield M1873 Aperture - Variant of the 15-round Winfield rifle, attached with a Peephole sight (the same sight as seen on the Nitro Express Rifle). This offers a larger zoom compared to the iron sight variant, at the cost of peripheral vision.
  • Sticky Bomb – Throwable explosive that sticks to most surfaces excluding metal and concrete. It’s armed with an 8 second fuse - don't let your curiosity kill you!
  • Chaos Bomb - A Sticky throwable with an 8 second fuse. Fires blank shots simulating a gunfight, a great tool for distracting both enemy hunters and AI.
  • Hellfire Bomb – A variant of the firebomb with a larger, more focused blast radius. Now for a few seconds, you can let all hell break loose.
  • Blankfire Decoys - A tool used to fake a random gunshot. It can mean life or death in a sticky situation.

New Traits

  • Pitcher - Increases throwing range of all throwables. (This relates to throwables that use the aim helper and does not include throwing knifes, tomahawk etc.)
  • Conduit - Heals 50 health points after interacting with a clue. (Does not restore lost health chunks.)
  • Gator Legs – Sprint at full speed for a longer duration when in the water
  • Decoy Supply – Grants the ability to resupply decoys, including blankfires, from ammo boxes

Player Report function

This update also sees the introduction of the player report system. With this you can report players for the following reasons:

  • Suspected of cheating: this is for instances where you believe a player is using more than just their own skills to play. Please keep in mind that you should not report any and all players that kill you. Not everyone is cheating so we need to make sure that this is being used correctly so that we can prioritize the focus on actual cheaters.
  • Offensive name: Option to report offensive player names
  • Other: This covers other negative/toxic behavior. Abusiveness through in game text or voice chat, discrimination, team killing etc. (the usual things that are not so nice)

Developer note: Currently there is no limit to how many reports can be made per player, per day. We will most likely change this in the near future once we have had some time to monitor the usage from the community. (Side note – If you report the same player multiple times, only one report will be counted)

South America servers

With this update we are introducing a new region that has been a big request from the community – South America servers.

Steam Trading cards

  • 6 trading cards
  • 5 standard badges + 1 foil badge
  • 5 Steam profile backgrounds with varying rarity
  • 5 steam emoticons with varying rarity

General Updates[edit | edit source]


  • AI movement speed has been slightly increased to be more in line with the increased hunter sprint speed (more in-depth details can be found below)
  • As an anti-camping measure, we have changed the behavior of boss targets: Bosses now become active when Hunters are in the vicinity of boss arenas. They will remain active until the player leaves the area.


  • Added music to the matchmaking and loading map screens.
  • Added audio to menu countdowns (match start and spawn point selection)
  • Added death sounds for both crows and chickens so they produce audible feedback when they are killed.
  • Added travel sound for throwing consumables.
  • Improved sound occlusion in underground areas. Sounds are heavily muffled but will still audible. Developer Note: We are aware that there are still some edge-cases that need our attention. We are constantly working on improving the obstruction and occlusion behavior in Hunt: Showdown. Keep an eye for updates in the near future.
  • Improved the sound effects of explosions to provide better readability over distance.
  • Improved audio feedback of physical collisions.
  • Increased volume of distant gun shots for the Nitro Express’ to ensure they clearly stand out.
  • Improvements made to sounds of footsteps on different surface types (sounds should be more in line with the material you are walking on).
  • Improvements made to the maximum distance on audio occlusion across the whole map.


  • Throwing knives now cause bleeding damage (no more running around with knives stuck in your face forever!
  • Minor tweaks have been made to the aim helper of throwables. The helper will not accurately display if the thrower will receive damage at the correct distances. (Aim helper will turn red when there is a possibility of being damaged)
  • Maximum extra ammo is now temporarily increased by the amount of bullets you are missing from your magazine when the weapon is not fully loaded, to make resupplying easier. This does not change the total amount of bullets you can carry.
  • Bullets will now properly generate a sound stimulus for AI on every wall penetration and not just when the projectile is destroyed
  • Improved the glass-shader on the Fire bomb, the Hellfire Bomb and the Hive Bomb
  • The Nitro Express Rifle now uses the same depth of field settings for ADS as the new Peephole sight on the Winfield Aperture, making it harder to spot targets on the blurred periphery of the sight
  • Increased the reloading time of the Nitro Express slightly
  • Slightly increased the damage of the Dynamite and Big Dynamite Bundles
  • Consistency pass and overall reduction of throwing distance for all throwables to support the new Pitcher trait
    • Light -> long distance, close to old default range: Decoys and Blankfire Decoys
    • Medium -> medium distance: Fire Bomb, Dynamite Stick, Fusees, Frag grenade etc.
    • Heavy -> short distance only: Concertina Bomb, Lantern, Big Dynamite Bundle and Hive Bomb
  • The Weak Vitality Shot, Stamina Shot and Antidote Shot now all use a slightly shorter; 4 second injection animation (The Vitality Shot remains at 5 seconds)
  • Reduced the overall sway of weapons while moving in ADS to increase the chance to hit your target
  • Draw distance on equipment carried by other hunters has been increased, to allow for easier equipment identification at longer distances

Hunters Looting dead Hunters now has the possibility to restock a tool, or to grant some cash

  • The drop rates are as follows:
    • 40% chance to find ammo
    • 20% chance to refill a random tool
    • 20% chance to restock a random consumable
    • 13% chance to find 50$ (this will also be granted as a default value if your ammo, tools and consumables are full and you are not lucky enough to get the chance of a higher cash drop)
    • 5% chance to find 100$
    • 1% chance to find 200$
    • 1% chance to find 500$
  • It is possible to find rare ammo that is currently not available from ammo boxes (i.e. poison bolts or Nitro bullets) but it is a lot less likely than before
  • Hunters must extract with any looted cash in order to obtain the reward

Developer Note: With the first iteration of the looting mechanic it was easy to predict what Hunters could receive, so it became more of a tool than a reward. With these changes Hunters are not guaranteed to get certain loot from corpses, but there are more options available to make looting more appealing.

Changes to the Hunter core movement

  • Disabled sprint-strafing so that you can only sprint diagonally or straight forward, but never from side to side
  • Increased base Hunter speeds by 10% for Walk, Sprint and (tired) Jog. Crouch movement speed remains unchanged.

Developer Note: We want to change how some players are able to artificially dodge bullets by quickly sidestepping left and right during a gunfight rather than caring about positioning and taking cover. The first step from our side was to remove strafe sprinting by bringing the speed of lateral movements down. However, this change alone felt a bit restrictive and clunky, so to offset it, we slightly bumped up the overall movement speed. This means players will be able to move faster around the world, which feels like a healthy change for us. The next steps to improve on will be the addition of a subtle inertia movement acceleration to make strafing even less of a dominant strategy during combat. This change will need to be properly integrated into our network prediction systems and will be an addition to future updates.

Meta[edit | edit source]

New equipment:

  • Traits:
    • Conduit – 4 upgrade points (unlocked at Rank 9)
    • Gator Legs – 1 upgrade point (unlocked at Rank 68)
    • Pitcher – 7 upgrade point (unlocked at Rank 46)
    • Decoy Supply - 1 upgrade point (unlocked at Rank 48)
  • Tool:
    • Blankfire Decoys - $10 (unlocked at Rank 60)
  • Consumables:
    • Sticky Bomb- $40 (unlocked at Rank 57)
    • Hellfire Bomb - $25 (unlocked at Rank 18)
    • Chaos Bomb - $15 (unlocked at Rank 89)
  • Pistol:
    • Nagant M1895 Officer - $26 (unlocked at Rank 40)
  • Rifle:
    • Winfield M1873 Aperture - $63 (unlocked at Rank 26)
  • Crossbow:
    • Crossbow Explosive - $400 (unlocked at Rank 100)

Equipment rank changes:[edit | edit source]

  • Trait:
    • Iron Sharpshooter - Unlocked at Rank 40 (previously Rank 95)
  • Rifle:
    • Winfield M1873 - Unlocked at Rank 14 (previously Rank 26)

Store[edit | edit source]

Price changes:

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 price reduced from $780 to $450
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Bayonet price reduced from $860 to $530
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez price reduced from $390 to $240
  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper price reduced from $1340 to $660

Changes to the Store Stats:

  • Consumables
    • Big Dynamite Bundle range reduced from 15 to 10
    • Hive Bomb range reduced from 15 to 10
  • Tools
    • Decoy range increase from 15 to 20
    • Throwing Knives range reduced from 15 to 10 to better reflect it's actual damage drop off (No actual weapon change)

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Added menu animations for the Combat Axe
  • Updated the options menu to be more responsive
  • Spectator mode now contains additional UI elements:
    • Vitality/Stamina bar
    • Crosshair
    • Hit Feedback
    • Stances
    • Ammunition
  • Changes to the distance display in the death recap:
    • Bullets distances will now take the actual distance traveled instead of an approximation
    • Throwables like dynamite will now show the distance between the victim and the point from which the item was thrown

World[edit | edit source]

  • Item attractors (chains, glass piles etc.) now make noise when shot
  • Static lanterns are now destroyed by any solid object thrown by the player
  • Increased interior fog density in the foggy time of day

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Spider to take poison impact damage on its body parts. This has been resolved and the Spider is now fully immune to poison.
  • Fixed a bug that was resulting in the Butcher's death swing attack not causing any damage.
  • Fixed a number of network issues relating to pickups which resulted in not being able to pick up any item for a short time in some rare cases
  • Fixed a bug where the ammo HUD was not correctly updating when switching your weapon, while holding down the left mouse button after firing
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the lightning in Dark Sight to become detached from the bounty carrier upon revive or when stopping bleeding damage
  • Fixed a general issue which resulted in some rare instances where weapons would do more or less damage than intended at range, which could affect headshot lethality
  • Fixed a bug that would cause projectiles to not explode when in flat water
  • Fixed a possible crash that could occur when two projectiles hit each other in midair
  • Fixed a bug where entities outside of the explosion radius would still get hit and could take damage
  • Fixed a bug where an explosion could affect live explosives, barrels and AI behind a wall.
  • Fixed a number of animation issues with single-action revolvers that allowed players to fire the next shot before the hammer was fully cocked
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Sparks LRR rifle and its variants that allowed the weapon to fire again before the new bullet was actually inserted into the breech. (Sorry Archie!)
  • Minor improvements to the detection of reward events for killing other hunters with specific combinations of weapons and damage types
  • Fixed a bug that would result in the caged dogs not to cause bleeding damage when too close
  • Fixed a bug where the chat could break when displaying player names that contains special symbols
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Dark Sight Boost icon to remain on screen even after the timer had run out.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause AI in some instances to not perceive player footsteps resulting in them not reacting to players correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where UI elements were not aligned correctly with the mouse cursor in certain resolutions.
  • Fixed a slight delay between the melee animation and the hit marker for bear trap melee attacks.
  • Fixed some issues with vegetation and other similar geometry disappearing and reappearing depending on their distance from the player.
  • Potential fix for a bug where players could get stuck in the "Server Found. Loading Map" screen.
  • Improved (but not fully fixed) the audibility of sounds through terrain.
  • Fixed a bug where touch bending for a certain grass type didn't function correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Hunters voice audio to continue to play while standing in a fire patch.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause your teammates blue outline to not be rendered w when they were standing behind interactive objects (e.g. doors, etc ...)

Other fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Implemented a number of audio fixes
  • Implemented a number of animation fixes
  • Implemented a number of localization fixes

Known issues[edit | edit source]

  • AI may become stuck when navigating around certain areas
  • Hunter heads may snap back and forth if too close to other entities or pieces of geometry
  • Hive swarms are able to attack players through solid walls and small lattices
  • Oil pools are invisible
  • Longer gameplay freezes might happen on some AMD CPUs.
  • Players can sometimes get stuck in "Match Found, Searching for Server..." screen.
  • Doors don't react to explosion damage properly.
  • An empty flare pistol will be load again after looting a flare (ammo) from a dead hunter.
  • Thrown axes and hammers don't break windows at random distances
  • When a teammate dies behind a window, players are not able to vault through it from the other side.
  • Avtomat sometimes doesn't fire all projectiles of a burst properly.
  • Barrels don't instantly blow up when shot with long bullets or Nitro Express.
  • Sometimes leeches, belonging to an already dead meathead, might remain active on the map.
  • The view distance for a few vegetation assets is currently too low.
  • The Test Server is installed by default instead of the main Hunt Game after purchasing the game.
  • Voice comms may sometimes not function correctly.
  • Players may be disconnected from the backend when returning to the main menu