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Update 4.2 was released 7th of February 2019.

Version: v0.0545
SteambuildID: 3535370
Client patch size: ~1.4GB

With this update, we have focused primarily on making sure performance is on par with earlier updates, as well as on hunting down and killing sources of stutters, frame drop, and spikes. With this update users should experience an overall smoother and more stable framerate, less memory consumption, and in some cases increased FPS.

We encourage users to experiment with their graphics options to see which settings work best for them. We will continue to optimize and push updates in the future.

Happy Hunting!

General updates[edit | edit source]

Performance[edit | edit source]

We have investigated and fixed a number of issues that could lead to degraded performance in Update 4.0. The bulk of these optimizations stem from reducing the load on the CPU and also finding and fixing moments where the frame rate dips and stutters

  • Adjusted timing of thread jobs that could lead to slow update of occlusion checking
  • Cleaned up a number of client side entity updates that should only be updated on the server. This can slightly reduce client memory useage
  • Disabled a run time process that was hogging thread time which would cause drops in framerate for users, especially as they moved around the map
  • Disabled potentially expensive audio update on the main thread when occlusion checking
  • Disabled unused water caustic update on the CPU
  • Enabled helper workers to process jobs and utilize unused CPU time when the MT and RT are waiting for a specific job group to finish
  • Enabled main thread/physics thread synchronization to prevent occasions where higher framerates could result in player movement popping
  • Fixed some character geometry that was being loaded at runtime as players activated AI spawns potentially causing stalls
  • Fixed an issue that would allow underground regions of Stillwater Bayou to render the surface even when players were unable to see it. This could also contribute to spikey performance when underground. This will be improved further in upcoming updates.
  • Fixed issue in the UI where FPS was limited to 30 if limit was set before VSYNC was enabled
  • Greatly improved performance of area checks on main thread
  • Improved performance of audio checks of dogs and chicken animal attractors at range that could add pressure to main thread
  • Improved performance of the menu rendering
  • Improved performance of lights when being registered/unregistered with the 3DEngine
  • Improved main/render thread synchronization to reduce the time when CPU is waiting for the Render Thread and free up resources for other threads to do work
  • Optimized the aim trajectory calculations
  • Optimized main memory consumption
  • Reduced the fusee activate time from 10 to 5 minutes and slightly reduced the light radius to reduce cost on GPU (This will be improved further in upcoming updates)
  • Reduced the number of impact and audio updates during player hits (should not affect quality of experience)

Gunplay[edit | edit source]

  • The basic Caldwell Conversion revolver produces slightly less recoil now
  • Slight increase of recoil for Caldwell Conversion Uppercut
  • Slight faster rate of fire during fanning with the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut

Changes made to fanning with revolvers.

  • More reliable when interrupting and resuming fanning.
  • The recoil has been reduced during fanning across all revolvers.

Developer note: We also added a small surprise for you with this update. Some of the above balancing changes are related to this. (Caldwell Pax)

Meta[edit | edit source]

  • Minor adjustments to comparative weapon stats for revolvers in shop and arsenal. (see #Stat changes)

Matchmaking[edit | edit source]

  • Adjusted the skill based matchmaking groups for the different regions

Developer note: In case the CCU is low, the skill-based matchmaking will be ignored and players (except players from Rank 1 to 3) will be matched together. We made this change to speed up the matchmaking time and allow for games with more players.

Audio[edit | edit source]

  • Adjusted volume of your own footsteps, this will make it easier to hear other sounds in the world. (The sound range of the footsteps of other players stays the same as before).

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Lawson Delta is back on the random mission. We fixed the bug that threw players back in the main menu from loading into the map
  • Fixed a bug where players were thrown back to the lobby during the loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where location banners were missing
  • Fixed an issue that caused single bounty missions to show a second boss and split the map area on the contract selection screen
  • Deployed a tentative fix for a server crash that would happen for some players during the extraction phase.
  • Mission selection screen and in game objectives will show a second boss and split map although playing a single boss mission.
  • Fixed a bug in which a static extraction timer stayed visible on screen during the following mission if you died in the extraction zone in the previous round.
  • Fixed an issue where kills on grunts, armoreds and hives achieved through indirect damage, did not count towards challenge progress.
  • Fixed a bug where players were not able to start a match after canceling in the last second
  • Fixed an issue that caused lighting to not work properly in Stillwater Bayou
  • Fixed a bug where Items from the HUD which have been used/grayed out were erased upon death blocking usage of other items
  • Fixed the Quickplay Leaderboard to show the correct numbers for Kill Streaks
  • Fixed an audio bug that caused crows to be inaudible over 100+ meters distance in some cases
  • Fixed an audio bug where hidden grunts getting up after noticing players sounded like 2 grunts getting up
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to switch Hunters after matchmaking
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused challenges to be already completed and rewards earned after resetting.
  • Fixed an issue where Tier 2 Hellhound challenges were not tracked
  • Fixed a bug where the Wellspring counter showed an incorrect number before the game starts

Known issues[edit | edit source]

  • Ammo counter sometimes shows 0 despite having full ammo after picking up a weapon or switching between weapons with different ammo types. (Switching between items or reloading the weapon resolves the visual problem.)
  • Assets may appear invisible while still having collision
  • Audio in some cases doesn’t occlude properly
  • AI can sometimes spawn inside the Butcher’s arena
  • AI may act unexpectedly and may be unable to navigate correctly in some cases
  • AI may spawn and get stuck in inaccessible areas between walls in Stillwater Bayou
  • Closing doors right next to AI can cause them to get stuck.
  • Hunter’s blood trail is not visible when bleeding out
  • Hunter's coat sometimes clips through Hunter's front after revival.
  • In rare cases players may end up in empty servers
  • Mouse cursor may become invisible when using Alt-Tab while loading into the game
  • The Spider may catapult Hunters into the air
  • The Spider may get stuck in some compounds in Lawson Delta
  • The cursor may get stuck in previous client window dimensions after changing the resolution.
  • Inviting a partner while they are either in a game, queuing for matchmaking or on the contract screen will result in a 0x107d2 error message
  • Players may get disconnected from the server after another team has extracted with the bounty.
  • Some water reflections move with the player’s position in the game world
  • Quickplay : A hunter that was not killed by another player will still draw bounty from the Wellspring until the bounty has been manually picked up by another player.
  • Quickplay: The values shown on the leaderboard and drained counter are sometimes not in sync.
  • Some assets might appear as low resolution / low poly, even on high settings.
  • Some text is without localization for other languages than English
  • Sometimes using medkits or vitality shots will not heal you even though the animation plays. We are currently investigating this issue with high priority.
  • Users playing on the South American server region may receive an error message with the following text: "The connection to the game server failed. Error Code 0x20005"
  • We are currently investigating this issue.
  • With high latency, players have to press F longer than the progress circle indicates for a complete pick up animation to play

Stat changes[edit | edit source]